If you are Board Certified Ophthalmologist or Otolaryngologist and you live within the 13 western states or British Columbia, then you are eligible for membership in the Pacific Coast Oto-Ophthalmological Society.

Please download the following forms, fill them out online, print and sign (if necessary), then send in with your payment:

Membership Application
2010 Membership Dues Statement

Practitioners who join the Society enjoy a number of opportunities and benefits. The following is just a short list of the many advantages that PCOOS members enjoy:

1. To learn practical and applied ENT and eye from formal presentations.

2. To make valuable contacts through informal discussions with colleagues and course faculty members.

3. To earn CME credit (category 1) at an exceptionally reasonable price.

4. To provide the opportunity for productive interaction with faculty and colleagues. The leisurely pace of the meeting allows this interaction between the academic and clinical attendees on both a professional and social level.

5. To develop referral patterns and contacts with physicians within the region and specialty.

6. To enjoy the unique interaction with physicians in another specialty with significant overlapping clinical interests and problem cases.

7. To attend first class meetings in first class locations with favorable room rates and events designed to accommodate the physician's family.

8. To attend regional meetings reduces time and expense with emphasis on West Coast locations.

9. To provide the venue for the presentation of papers and clinical experiences by submitting papers or by participating in discussions held during the scientific sessions.

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